Ahlam (The Queen of Khaliji Singing)
Album Title: Ahlam (The Queen of Khaliji Singing)
Artists: Ahlam
Released: 2017-02-02
Format: MP3
Bitrate 320 kbps
Genre: World,Music,Pop
Price: Free
Catalog Number: 33499 47124

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Te'aahadtoo Oud.mp3, Teghayar Al Waqt Vocal.mp3, Al Mahabah Ardd Vocal.mp3, Teqwa Al Hajr Vocal.mp3, Namat Oyonek Vocal.mp3, Ma Saar Meqyasi Yeajeb Vocal.mp3, Ahebak Mout Vocal.mp3, Oudak Rannan Vocal.mp3, Seret Al Hob Vocal.mp3, Fi Youm We Lyla Vocal.mp3, Lola Al Malamah Vocal.mp3, Ma Hada Be Abi Matrahak Vocal.mp3, Zaffah (with Fadwa Al Malki).mp3, Ba Ghizek.mp3, Hobi Rekada.mp3, Yt Haeyaa Lh.mp3, Ba Rawedh Qalbak.mp3, Ya Saherni Solo.mp3, Maoedek Solo.mp3, Estr Ya Sattar.mp3, Hala Allah Ya Qasi.mp3, Abghak Haey.mp3, El Qalb Bytek.mp3, Wish Fyeek Solo.mp3, El Mahabah Ma Hi Kelmah.mp3, Zebahk El Hob.mp3,

About Ahlam

Ahlam (The Queen of Khaliji Singing)


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    3:41 Te'aahadtoo Oud.mp3
    1:27 Teghayar Al Waqt Vocal.mp3
    2:20 Al Mahabah Ardd Vocal.mp3
    1:06 Teqwa Al Hajr Vocal.mp3
    1:50 Namat Oyonek Vocal.mp3
    0:55 Ma Saar Meqyasi Yeajeb Vocal.mp3
    1:00 Ahebak Mout Vocal.mp3
    0:44 Oudak Rannan Vocal.mp3
    1:55 Seret Al Hob Vocal.mp3
    2:08 Fi Youm We Lyla Vocal.mp3
    1:02 Lola Al Malamah Vocal.mp3
    1:43 Ma Hada Be Abi Matrahak Vocal.mp3
    6:11 Zaffah (with Fadwa Al Malki).mp3
    4:58 Ba Ghizek.mp3
    3:58 Hobi Rekada.mp3
    4:27 Yt Haeyaa Lh.mp3
    3:38 Ba Rawedh Qalbak.mp3
    3:49 Ya Saherni Solo.mp3
    5:22 Maoedek Solo.mp3
    4:27 Estr Ya Sattar.mp3
    3:28 Hala Allah Ya Qasi.mp3
    4:31 Abghak Haey.mp3
    4:38 El Qalb Bytek.mp3
    4:47 Wish Fyeek Solo.mp3
    4:38 El Mahabah Ma Hi Kelmah.mp3
    5:22 Zebahk El Hob.mp3
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